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Personalized Cabinet Refinishing Services Under One Roof

Be proud of showing your refinished kitchen cabinet to your beloved guests!

Wake up and smell the coffee. Do you know? Your kitchen cabinets may lose a bit of their luster and life gradually because hinges, knobs, pulls and molding may get aged and colors of the furniture may fade over time. Don’t forget that in every occasion, especially during the function, small events or festivals, your kitchen cabinet may have greater roles.

Hence, it is highly recommended that you should keep your furniture protected from damages like dents, scratches, gouges, stains and nicks with the purpose of protecting it remarkably effective and highly durable. Why not you try to protect your kitchen cabinet friends?

Personalized Cabinet Refinishing Services Under One Roof

If you take a complete kitchen redesign service, it will be very expensive and costs a large sum of money and as there are different factors in refinishing, it may even cost more than we expect. However, cabinet refinishing service can bring back the life and luster of your furniture immediately in a one-stop service center.

Some of the Processes in Cabinet Refinishing

  1. Existing handles are removed from doors.

  2. Doors are removed from hinges.

  3. Doors are full-primed on two sides to prevent tannin's in the wood.

  4. Cabinet doors and drawers are sprayed effectively and completely.

  5. Non-stick pads are applied to the backs of cabinets doors to protect the newly-painted kitchen cabinet doors from sticking shut.

The processes described above may vary depending on the specific works you require. Feel free to contact us for a full description of the processes by calling 817-262-9101 or mailing to and enjoy Best Cabinet Refinishing Services in Fort Worth, Tx.

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