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Why Not Give a New Face to Your Cabinet?

Cabinet Refacing: An environmentally-friendly alternative to cabinet replacement

Kitchen cabinet refacing focuses on functional and structural issues. This cost-effective service can entirely change the style, shape and appearance of your cabinets, extending the life of cabinets to a certain extent you like. Resurfacing is greatly less expensive than the replacement of your cabinets, giving a good choice for every house owner.

Don’t think that refacing is just economical, but a good option for protecting the environment. Nowadays, kitchen refacing services become an excellent solution if anyone wants a charming and innovative appearance for cabinets in the kitchen without sacrificing any environmental friendliness and instead of replacing the cabinets. Whenever kitchen cabinets are refaced instead of being replaced, we can save several trees to protect our environment.

Why Not Give a New Face to Your Cabinet

The Order of the Refacing Processes

  1. Cabinet drawers and doors are removed initially.

  2. The front sides of the cabinets are enclosed with Rigid Thermofoil or natural wood veneer.

  3. Every side of the cabinets are clearly skinned with wood laminate or veneer.

  4. Sometimes, reusable hinges are used or new hinges are fixed.

  5. New drawer fronts and doors are added.

  6. Sometimes, existing drawer pulls, handles and fixtures are reused if they are in a good condition. Most of the time, new fixtures are used in refacing.

  7. During the final stage, lighting, glass panels, crown molding and storage accessories are installed for a successful finish of refacing.

Save trees when you have kitchen cabinet refacing services.

For more information on quality cabinet refacing, feel free to contact us for Cabinet Painters in Fort Worth, Tx by calling 817-262-9101 or mailing to and enjoy Cabinet Refacing in Fort Worth, Tx.

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