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 Finishing, Refinishing, Restoring and Refacing
  • Finishing is a process of adding stain and finish to bare wood.

  • Refinishing is a process of stripping the product to the bare wood and applying stain and finish.


  • Restoration is a process of rejuvenating the existing product by correcting imperfections, adding stain and finish.


  • There are several forms of refacing. Quality Touch-Up can replace your existing cabinet doors and drawers with a new style. The process of replacing the doors and drawers can give your kitchen a completely new look.

Refinishing your cabinets is more cost efficient than replacing or refacing them!
Color Match

We transform the look of your cabinetry or furniture based upon your stain or paint selection. Your custom color can be created by using a variety of techniques such as staining, glazing, antiquing, painting, shading, tinting and toning.

We provide you with a sample of what the finished product will look like, using an existing door or drawer at no extra expense.


We reupholster and restore furniture in need of new fabric and repair. This includes vintage and antique pieces that have good bones but just need a little TLC. The end result is a custom one of a kind piece! 

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