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Why You Need Furniture Reupholstery Service

Do you have old furniture that needs to be touched up or refinished? Don’t replace your old items, take them to Quality Touch-Up for expert reupholstery services! Instead of this, buying new furniture is a waste of money. If your existing furniture still has life, We can help you. In these cases, your well-loved furniture is saved instead of replacing it. Even if you hire our expert reupholstery team, we replace your furniture with all new pieces. Whether your old or antique furniture needs some restoration, upholstery service can bring new life to your furniture. If you want wood furniture repair in Fort Worth, call on Quality Touch-Up today!!

Why You Need Furniture Reupholstery Service

Benefits of Furniture Reupholstery:

  • You will have many options to select your desired design and color, it can suit your need what you have in mind. It is the perfect solution to restore your loved furniture.

  • You get to show off all the original features of your furniture such as wooded areas, studded work, and button backs. We understand how important the character of furniture for your home.

  • If necessary the joints are tightened, plus new seat cushions, webbing, and springing are fitted, so your beautiful reupholstered furniture will be as good as new!

We offer re-upholstery services for both homeowners and commercial clients. Call Quality Touch-Up today to learn more about any of our convenient and affordable services.

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